Food Menu


Pork Belly
Slow-roasted pork belly with garlic-shio koji
on rice ball

Shoyu-ginger marinated, Japanese fried

Ahi Poke Nachos
Spicy ahi poke over housemade taro chips,
with sweet onions, avocado, tomatos, topped
with black tobiko (caviar)

Taro Chips
House-made and sprinkled with local sea salt
and furikake

Island Greens
Local mixed greens, cucumber, tomato with
soy-ginger vinaigrette

Miso Soup
Organic White Miso

Donburi (Rice Bowls)

Kara-Age Bowl
Fried chicken, roasted corn, marinated egg and
negi over rice

Ahi Poke Bowl
Garlic-ginger, shoyu poke with sweet onions,
cucumber and negi over rice

Ramen Bowls

Hapa G-Special Ramen
Rich pork belly and chicken broth. Topped
with belly nuggets, pickled shiitake, spicy
sprouts, spinach, house chili crunch, nori, negi
and marinated egg

Shoyu Ramen
Slow cooked chicken & fish bone broth with
deep organic shoyu. Topped with marinated
cha shu pork, spinach, nori, negi, and
marinated egg

Tonkotsu Ramen
Pork bone broth. Topped with pork belly,
menma, negi and marinated egg

 Veggie Miso Ramen
Organic white miso/mushroom broth and
garlic butter. Topped with spinach, roasted
corn, sprouts, negi and choice of marinated
egg or seasoned bean curd

Vegan Option
Veggie Miso Ramen with bean
curd and konnyaku (Japanese yam) noodles

Kids Bowls

Kid’s Shoyu Ramen
House shoyu broth and noodles. Topped with
marinated cha shu pork

Kid’s Miso Ramen
House miso broth and noodles. Topped with
marinated egg

Kid’s Chicken & Rice
Karaage over rice

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood or
eggs may increase your risk of foodbourne illness.

Cocktail/Beer/Sake Menu

Signature Cocktails

Classic Mai Tai
Koloa light & dark rums, fresh pineapple
passion juices, Disaronno, toscana cherry

Yuzu Gin & Tonic
Japanese yuzu infused sake/gin, tonic and
fresh lime

Haku Passion
Suntory vodka with passion fruit & lychee

Sunset Margarita
Don Julio Blanco, lemon lime & lilikoi juices,

Molokai Mule
Koloa coconut rum, lime juice, ginger beer


Bourbon Cocktails

Hi Boru
(high ball)
Early Times BIB bourbon, soda & lemon

Whiskey Sour
Rittenhouse Rye (1.5 oz), fresh lemon juice,
egg white, bitters, toscana cherry, big rock

Old Fashioned
Old Granddad 114, Agostura bitters,
demerara sugar, toscana cherry, orange peel
big rock

Russel’s Reserve 10 year with sweet Dolin
vermouth and cherry

Rittenhouse rye(2 oz), Peychaud’s bitters,
Absinthe, orange peel

Sake Cocktails

Pacific Breeze
sake, guava, lychee juices

Sake Lime
sake, lime juice, bitters

Sake Lychee
sake infused with fresh lychee juice

Sake Ginger
sake, ginger ale, bitters

Sake Cocktails

Cold Draft Sake
Momokawa Organic

Sayuri Nigori

Yuka Tora Nigori

G Fifty Junmai Ginjo Genshu sake

Yoshinogawa – dry


Asahi Super Dry (16oz) – Draft

Local IPA – Bottle

Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Mocktails

Tropical Spritzers
Lilikoi, Pineapple, Stawberry, or Guava

Hapa Plantation Iced Tea
Black iced tea blended with pineapple juice

Pineapple Juice

Club Soda with Bitters

Iced Matcha
Japanese Green Tea no sugar

Passion Fruit Lemonade

Guava Limeade

Ginger Ale